So why am I so passionate about Choosing a Better Life™ and Dancing with God? Quite simply, because life can be really hard and really hectic.  We’ve got family obligations, work stress, financial concerns, health issues, and a number of other pressures we face every day.  And it’s really easy to get caught up in… [Continue Reading]


Whether you are a group of ten or several thousand in number I can design a topic specifically for you.  The focus can be anything from my book, Choose a Better Life™: Common Sense for Uncommon Living, or topics from my blog. I have provided a few of the more popular topics below. I thrive… [Continue Reading]

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Looking for a speaker who attracts attendees, captivates audiences, and adds value to your event?  Stephanie Hester delivers that and so much more. Her effectiveness comes from her passion for people and her deep desire to see them succeed and to experience the joy and freedom they were created to experience.  Because of this she… [Continue Reading]


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